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Celebrate Your Wedding in Cannes

Imagine yourself on the sun-drenched shores of Cannes, the turquoise Mediterranean sparkling at your feet. The gentle breeze carries the sweet scent of jasmine, and the iconic Croisette shimmers with an air of timeless elegance. This isn’t just a scene from a dream wedding; it’s the breathtaking backdrop Denora can orchestrate for your “I do” […]

Elevate Your Ceremony: Denora the Ultimate Wedding Singer for Hire!

wedding singer for hire

Elevate Your Ceremony: Denora the Ultimate Wedding Singer for Hire! Are you in search of the perfect melody to accompany your wedding vows? Look no further, as we introduce Denora, the ultimate wedding singer for hire who can turn your special day into a symphony of love and joy. If you’ve been wondering how to […]


LOVE SONG DENORA – COME AND TAKE ME Love song, COME AND TAKE ME is available on ITUNES, SPOTIFY and all digital music sites now! This is a Pop Rock song, a wonderful Ballad to be listened on Radio, in movies, in parties or just at home; with Saxophone this song is set to […]

Duo songs with spanish singer MIGUEL SAEZ

Duo songs with spanish singer MIGUEL SAEZ DENORA feat MIGUEL SAEZ  Duo work started with song NEW LIFE, written  by french songwrited Phil Maruani from Paris. Producer of Denora  discovered singer Miguel Saez during his  business trip in Spain. Miguel was performing in one of his concert and offered him to collaborate for duo songs […]

New single NEW LIFE, soon!

New single NEW LIFE, Denora feat Miguel Saez NEW LIFE In December 2018, a chance encounter led Denora to collaborate with a French  songwriter and producer, Phil Maruani, and his  wife, american jazz singer Roxanne. Maruani’s family owned french record label, that was first publisher of hit song “My Way” of Frank Sinatra.  And as result of […]


THINKING ABOUT YOU by DENORA New single THINKING ABOUT U is available on ITUNES now! Dance song THINKING ABOUT YOU, in two versions : original and remix by german dj Charly Beck are in Itunes and Spotify now! Single published with dance music lable URBANLIFE RECORDS (Italy). 2 following music videos are ready and […]

Whatch new video NEEDING YOU in Youtube!

New video NEEDING YOU is online now! The official music video for my brand new single, “NEEDING YOU”, now available on Spotify & iTunes. Thank you all for the love & support – watch, enjoy & share! Site http://www.denoramusic.comBooking:[email protected] production : Clemmy Communication, Denora Vivace- (music, lyrics),Alex.S Management ,Sound recording , SBM Studio-Filippo Checchi,Video production: […]

New single NEEDING YOU, 2018

NEEDING YOU New single and music video NEEDING YOU, 2018 Some news about new single of DENORA, NEEDING YOU, 2018! Single NEEDING YOU is romantic song, written by DENORA (music, lyrics), with energetic beats, beautiful and catching melody, and great sax line. Vocals recorded in italian “SBM STUDIO” in Tuscany, Carrara, with sound engineer Filippo […]

Single FOREVER in VITTEK MIxtape

Single FOREVER in VITTEK MIxtape Single FOREVER sounded in FM and net radiostations in France, Italy,  Canada , USA and Russia with music radio program VITTEK Tape, broadcasting in 89 radios in 32 countries VITTEK TAPES Radio Program #VITTEKTAPE Vittek Tape, the Official Radio Program by Vittek Records is actually on air on this […]

One million views on Denora’s Youtube channel !

One million views on Denora’s Youtube channel ! Wow!!! 1 million views of  Youtube channel “Denora- singer and saxophonist”Thank U, everybody!!Subscribe our channel on Youtube to see more videos soon Thank U for likes and following    Event booking for artist: [email protected] Book Your Event